Friday, 6 March 2009

Weekend in London

I live in London, obviously, but sometimes I can take that for granted. I can get frustrated by all the frustrating things in this old, wet city. So this weekend I'm going to think like a tourist and hit up places that make me happy to remind myself that this really is a great city.


Jenny said...

so, what did you do?

Matt and Joey said...

How did it go??

Some of my favorite daytrips when I lived there involved walking all through the city from place to place. I would go to museums along the way and send a map of my footpath to Matt in my letters home.

While you live there you really must try:
~Going into the children's section at Harrods and seeing the puppies for sale, getting candy in the food galleries.
~The National Portrait Museum
~Wandering SoHo
~High Tea at Fortnum and Mason's or the Ritz at Picadilly
~Wandering along the Thames to the outdoor markets and going over the Millenium footbridge
~Walking through Hyde Park--my favorite place to go running
~Having tea and journal time in a museum cafe--the Victoria and Albert is particularly nice.

Actually, I miss it. Maybe a visit soon. :)

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