Sunday, 27 March 2011

My Seattle:: Local's Guide to Seattle

This week we have some dear friends from England visiting us! I think they're our first English visitors, but I have an increasingly bad memory and am trying to correct myself if that is untrue. Has anyone else visited us from England? Anyone?

With who I presume to be our first English visitors, I plan to put Seattle's best face forward, to make them leave with the impression that our drizzly city is actually a gem, an emerald even. Plus it's a great excuse to brunch daily and play visitor myself. 

Another reason I'm so happy to have them here, in addition to the fellowship of course, is that it's fun to have reminders of a life in England that seems distant sometimes. Aside from the fact that I'm writing a book about it and thinking about England daily, of course. But actually living somewhere is much different than writing about it.

One of the downsides of moving to a new city at least every two years since college (Santa Monica, Tokyo, Osaka, Seattle, Bath, Birmingham, London, Auckland and back to Seattle), is that while I've become pro at packing, it can feel like my community is scattered to the far corners of the earth. I invest in people, and vice versa, and then leave. It's a bit schizophrenic, all these lives I've created for myself. Having friends in town reminds me, Alisha, you actually lived in central England for two years, isn't that just nuts? 

Finally, entertaining visitors is all the excuse I need to compile a Local's Guide to Seattle. You won't find any Space Needle action on it, just a few of my favorite places to eat, drink and explore. 

Here goes, by neighbo(u)rhood...

Capitol Hill -
International District - 
Ballard -
Magnolia -
  • Pastries at Upper Crust then Discovery Park
  • Bay Cafe at Fisherman's Terminal for a nice diner experience (in my experience Englishmen like a good diner, or maybe it's just my husband)
Phinney/ Green Lake - 
Wallinfordia -
  • Tilth (for a local, organic brunch, heard great things and can't wait to try)
Queen Anne - 
West Seattle -

So my guide is heavy on the pastries, brunches and parks, but that's the kind of guide I write because that's the kind of girl I am.

Seattleites, anything else it would be rude to leave out? Where do you take your visiting friends and family?


KateSimons said...

Oh, man I am overdue for a trip home.

Kerry Park on Queen Anne has one of the best views of downtown and the sound.
In Ballard, I'm also partial to the salmon ladders at the Locks and Golden Gardens for BBQing.
Maggie Bluffs at the Elliot Bay Marina is a fantastic spot if it's nice out (also awesome views).

Have fun entertaining!

Rachel said...

I am definitely bookmarking this post for the next time someone visits. Your coffee-pastry-heavy guide is perfect.

I really recommend Olympic Sculpture Park for a waterfront walk and city view (with a warm latte in hand of course).

alisha said...

Nice ones Katie, I'll add these gems to the list. :)

Rachel, Olympic Sculpture Park is ideal for the obligatory Pike Place day, warm latte in hand, naturally.

Rachel said...

Oh did you see this article in the New York Times?

Similar picks! ;)

Jocy May said...

Not sure if your friends eat meat, but a sandwich that Joey and I crave on a continual basis is the pulled pork sandwich at Paseo's. We also liked sushi at Musashi's in Wallingford. There's a mexican place in old town Ballard that is yummy- can't recall the name but Jenny would know it- went there with her. Also really liked the Stumbling Goat in Phinney Ridge. There really are just so many yummy places to eat in Seattle! If the weather is nice, a picnic on the hill in Gasworks Park was always a favorite of ours. Oh I miss Seattle!!

alisha said...

Rachel, thanks for the NYT link, great minds think alike. :)

Joce,I've heard great things about Musashi's. Also want to check out Maneki in in the Int'l District. There are many yummy places in Seattle, but can't wait to check out all your yummy finds in NYC in May!

Christine said...
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Christine said...

I have to leave a plug for South Seattle
- ice cream and arcade games at Full Tilt in Columbia City
-coffee and waffles from Empire Espresso
-A visit to the C-city Farmer's market (every Wed 2-7)followed by a stroll around Seward Park - FYI Every sunday in the summer they close Lake Washington blvd to cars and it's bike only!
And I know its not in Seattle but a bike ride through Marymoor park followed by a tasting/tour at Redhook brewery (it's only $1) is always fun...they even show movies outside in the summer

alisha said...

Christine, thanks for stopping by and spreading the South Seattle love. I'll add these to my list of places to check out! I agree about Marymoor and Redhook as something to look forward to in the summer.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

This sounds like an awesome tour!

Wish I were your guests? Have you had any Canadians visit yet?

I actually came across you in Rachelle G's comments today and had to stop in because you spell your name as we spelled our oldest daughters. Curious, do you pronounce yours as Alicia is too, or not?

alisha said...

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for stopping by, and all the way from Canada! :)

I pronounce my name like "Alicia" too. My mom's name is Tasha, so she wanted to spell our names similarly, so Alisha it was. I love meeting other Alishas!

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