Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My Seattle:: Honore Artisan Bakery

Whenever I go jogging I need a target to motivate me. And I'm not talking about an, "I'm going to run five miles today!" target -- that doesn't do it for me. One of my best running goals is Honore Artisan Bakery

It's the perfect distance from my house and I honestly need it to get me going. I don't even stop for a coffee and one of their glorious macarons -- I just run to it, live vicariously through the patrons and then turn around and head home. Being easily pleased is a good trait.

Of course, even better than running by is actually going in. Dan and I will pop in every once in a while to cap off an ideal lazy Saturday afternoon. The space is small but usually we're able to crow-bar ourselves into the counter bar seating area, spread out our baked wares and put the world to right one pastry at a time.

I'd even consider moving to this neighborhood just to be within easy walking distance, but then where would I run to?


Rachel said...

I LOVE this place. And we are very similar in our need to have a coffee shop running target. I, however, usually cave and buy a coffee...and then have to walk home. :)

Nooks and Cranberries said...

Isn't Honore wonderful? I've been craving a good pastry lately, and think another trip there is in order! They have the absolute best macarons in Seattle (at least that I've discovered as of yet!).

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