Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hemingway's Paris & my steak

If you need a book to make you obsessed with 1920's Parisian literary sidewalk cafe society (as I've become), then look no further than Ernest Hemingway's 'A Moveable Feast'. I first heard about it in Paris in May visiting the famous (apparently) Shakespeare and Co. second hand book shop on the Left Bank. The idea of ex-pat writing intrigues me (as an ex-pat writer), so I thought I'd give it a go.

It's a short read and I recommend it during NaNoRiMo to inspire writing from cafes scattered around your city (like I need inspiration).

So effectively did this book transport me to Paris that ever since I finished it I've been craving steak and fries. As a vegetarian (well, pescetarian) steak cravings are rare. As a flexitarian I decided to give in.

I asked Dan if we could go out for steak and he was thrilled - for some reason he loves when I occasionally eat meat. It's as though for a moment meat is triumphing over my lentils, tofu and fermented soy beans.

We decided to go to a small restaurant two minutes from our house called Seasons with our friends Tom and Kirsten who were in town from Birmingham. I like it because it's new and I want to support businesses that decide to open in a recession; I also like that it uses seasonal, organic food. Double whammy. It's also French and does a half-price steak night. Get in!

I think my steak craving has been quenched for a few months anyway...


Nadine said...

Sounds like a book I must try! (the steak part aside).

My bookclub read A Moveable Feast right when I joined, so I missed the book. But I want to read it now. I do love reading about food! :) And Matt would be beyond thrilled if I craved a steak, but I don't think that's going to happen, lol.

Jenny said...

so proud of your steak did digestion go? is that asking too much?

ok, i think i'm interested in the book...i'll add it to the wishlist!

Prince said...

your meat talk reminded me of my favorite animated short by Nick Park. Creature Comforts. have you seen it? a great little claymation gem. i'm about to blog about it because i love it so much. thanks for the inspiration, Alisha!!

Andrew said...

When your wife eats little to no red meat than you literally jump at the opportunity. I'm with you Dan.

alisha said...

Jenny - the digestion was fine thank you. I've definitely retained my carnivorous skills.

Jane - I haven't seen Creature Comforts but I know the characters b/c they're actually the 'mascots' of a disabilites charity here. I think they're really cute! Will have to watch it.

Andrew - If you get Jess this book from the library I swear she'll be setting up a weekly steak night in no time. ;)

amyrenee said...

I eat steak for breakfast!

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