Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Penguin Classics

Glad to hear that some people are participating with me in National Novel Writing Month - even if it's in blog format! To be honest I haven't been very good so far since I've had two really busy and tiring days, but I've done a bit each day, and plan to continue on.

To get you in the mood I thought I'd show off these amazing Penguin cloth-bound classics. There's a great interivew on design*sponge with the designer Coralie Bickford-Smith.For the next month I'll try to keep the literary juices flowing on this blog so watch out...!


Jenny said...

those books are gorgeous...i want them ALL!

Nadine said...

Love those books!! I would love to have a bookshelf above my writing desk with those beautiful books on it!

Prince said...

I'd write a novel just so I could give it a cover like that! They've inspired me to press forward...thanks Alisha. And thank you so much for sharing your inspiration to write more...I feel the fire of writing burn through me and I'm loving it!!! You'll definitely make the dedication page of my novel :)

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