Sunday, 22 November 2009



Here's some babygami for all my pregnant friends and those with little creatures crying out to be wrapped up like a giraffe. (I love babies dressed as animals!). This fold is the 'after bath cuddle wrap', is marked moderately difficult and comes with a warning that babies are slippery when wet. Too cute.


Jess Fouche said...

Cute! I too love babies dressed as some kind of little animal, and was a bit sad that Owen grew so fast that the cuddly white bear suit I had for Jude never fit!:)

Nadine said...

Adorable!! I love outfits/wraps like that!!

Prince said...

this reminds me of when Wes was a tiny babe and jenny taught me how to swaddle would have been nice to know that babies are slippery when wet ;)

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