Monday, 23 November 2009

London scenes

Just thought I'd post some recent scenes from London. Here's some shop fronts from near my house...

Double dose of Dan's profile at the British Museum. He's memorising he Rosetta stone and checking translations at the manga exhibit. Our museum policy is to go an hour before it closes. This forces us to move quickly and only see the things we really want to, not linger for hours in the boring Tudor sections.


Sweet drawers from the Transport Museum. We didn't actually go inside the museum (not for £7 we didn't!), but the shop was worth a peek. They sell some great vintage posters from the underground that I think we might stock up on before we leave. (They're lightweight and I would consider beautiful so it's not a problem).

And... the happy couple in Covent Garden. Only a few more weeks to go in London so we're really making the most of it!


Prince said...

love the profile shots of Dan because i thought they were staged at first...but after reading your captions I understand that he really was that concentrated :) so glad you're soaking up the last few moments across the pond!

Nadine said...

Loved these photos!! And I totally agree you should buy some of the vintage posters!!

Jenny said...

the tudors boring? you gotta watch the hbo series ;) it's far from boring!!

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