Wednesday, 11 November 2009


So, these are the things I'm thinking about at the moment...

Leaving England and getting Dan's freaking green card
Six weeks to go until we say farewell to this (increasingly cold) city/ country/ era/ season of our lives. Dan and I like to live by the seat of our pants, so haven't bought airline tickets or anything like that yet. We don't even have Dan's green card! We live in faith. So, if you're the praying type, we would appreciate your fervent prayers. That we'd get an interview date for Dan sorted soon and that he would indeed be accepted into the US of A.

People always wonder what immigration will ask at the green card interview. I don't know how to prepare but will do my best to vouch for him and swear that he'll be a good, hard-working American. And that he hasn't been corrupted by any silly ideas of socialism while in the UK.

Please please pray! (Even if you aren't the praying type actually).

This eggnog
Nothing like a good nog to get you through the winter. I'm having some serious eggnog cravings of late - probably because it's a mission to get your paws on the delicious tonic this side of the Atlantic. I'll try Whole Foods tomorrow, but if they can't hook me up I'm going to have to resort to making some of my own homemade brew. When I went home a few years ago I was so desperate for a eggnog latte I ordered a venti straight off the plane - bad idea. Please remember that with eggnog (and most egg based products) a little goes a long way.

Chocolate chips
Oh yeah! I forgot how delicious these bad boys are. I went to Marks and Spencers last night to grab dinner and saw a petite bag of 'plain chocolate drops' and dropped them in the basket with extreme satisfaction. They were a great pre-dinner snack and have sustained me throughout this evening as well. I think when I move back to America I'll keep a bag (not petite, but king-size) in my fridge for all occasions, like my grandma - the perfecter of the chocolate chip cookie - does.

This lust-worthy room I saw on Monday's daily dose of design*sponge.

Competitive baking
Last week I entered my red hot velvet cupcakes into the iron cupcake london competition. I didn't win, but still had a good time (winning isn't everything, right?) and paced myself so I didn't get sick, an accomplishment in itself. My cupcakes were massive compared to all the other dainty little cupcakes. The reason is that I use muffin tins and liners for cupcake purposes and overfill them at that. I think the purchase of the muffin tins at Target two years ago was a sub-conscious act of rebellion against small, delicate things in England. Sometimes I just get sick of being subtle and understated and want a dessert that is decidedly over the top and that makes people gasp at the sheer size and lavishness, rather than coo a polite 'they're lovely'. I did admit last Monday though that I perhaps went over the top...
I decided yesterday that since I'm moving country in six weeks and have quite a bit on my plate, November is possibly not the best time to try and write a novel in a month, no matter how crap the output can be. So apologies to Jenny and Jane for luring you into this and then quitting halfway through. It's like when my friend Katrine convinced me and Ali to run a half-marathon with her and then got an ankle injury. So there we were at the start line wondering how we got there. I will still blog regularly and offer you moral support!

Zimbabwe blood diamonds: we don't want our gifts to finance hate

And finally...I haven't done any advocacy promotion lately, but this is a really good on-line action, so please consider taking it.

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has sent his brutal army to seize control of his country's diamond fields. 200 civilians have been murdered and profits from our wedding rings are used to fuel violent political conflict.

Official diamond regulators meeting in Namibia this week will decide whether to suspend Zimbabwe and stop Mugabe selling his blood diamonds on the world market.

We have must persuade these countries to act - let's get a massive petition together and deliver it directly to the meeting in Namibia. Sign the petition below and then spread the word to anyone who doesn't want our gifts of love to finance hate.

Now, if that's not a comprehensive round-up, I don't know what is. Hope you all have good Wednesdays! I better get to work...


Jenny said...

it also reminds me of the time you convinced me to quit the sorority and then you actually stayed in...ha ha!

it's ok, i didn't blog one day in there...when you're sick, it's not much fun to blog.

but if you inspired jane to write a novel, i think you've accomplished something!

Nadine said...

My fingers are crossed that all goes well with Dan's greencard!

And I'm totally on an eggnog kick! We learned several years ago that if you don't buy it when you see it, you might not see it again. So when we saw eggnog in Costco last week, we bought two cartons - well aware of the fact that this may be the only time this year we have nog. Not great for my waistline, but oh so tasty!

Krystal said...

you & dan will get my prayers for green card for sure! it took 3 years + $5000 for my canadian friend to get hers, but she got it! dan could always do what she did...go to canada for a few days and re-enter on tourist visa again. :) you both are amazing inspiration to me. hugs! -krystal

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