Monday, 8 March 2010

101. Packing the bags for a holiday within a holiday

This Thursday Dan and I are off to Sydney! I've never been to Australia before and can't wait.

I'm a pretty relaxed traveler (as in, I like loose and breathable itineraries), but I still find it helpful to have a list of places to hit up while there. Are there any little gems I may be missing?

To do in Sydney

The essentials:
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Ferry to Manly (for a great view of the above Opera House)
  • Bondi beach, then a leisurely stroll to Coogee beach
  • Hold a koala at the Taronga zoo (that's the dream)
The coffee:
  • Campos (apparently the best flat whites in Sydney)
  • Bourke Street Bakery
  • Baddde Manors (clever)
Bookshop cafes (I know, I shouldn't be spending time in Sydney in a bookshop, but hey...)
Brews with a view:
  • Manly Wharf Hotel
  • Bondi Social 
  • Blue Horizon
  • Glebe Market
  • Rocks Market
  • Balmain Market

As I was scouring my guide book and websites and blogs for things to do, I was thinking about how there are so many ways to see a city and there are so many types of travelers. I even made a rough breakdown.

Types of travelers: 

Type A - Loves seeing EVERYTHING, and in an organized and strategic (& possibly exhausting) manner

Type B - Wants to be as active as possible, filling the day with physical activity like hiking or canoeing

Type C - A culture vulture, has to see ALL the museums, shows and things of historical interest. Probably will scour informative leaflets in detail.

Type D - The tourist, not afraid to take an open top bus tour

Type E - The taste traveler, basing the trip around things that go in the mouth

I'm no connoisseur, but I like to base my wanderings around what I can eat and drink. I'll search out a place I know I can start the day with good coffee, absorb the atmosphere and go from there. I also try to stay as inactive as possible, except for walking, which can't be helped. Also, I'm not opposed to taking an open top bus tour but Dan's pretty anti, so as yet have never done one.

What type of traveler are you? And any Sydney tips are more than welcome!

{Photos, from flickr: Artie, MR38, JooJoo, GalerieMontmartre}


Nadine said...

Have a wonderful trip! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Wish I could recommend some places, but as I've never been, I will just say have fun!

I like to think I have a little bit of all the traveler types in me, but it should be no surprise that if I had to choose one, it would be E. :)

Can't wait to see the pics from your trip!

koalainscotland said...

Ok, I love Sydney! And I'm probably a little bit of a Type A traveller, but I'm not a huge fan of walking so much my feet hurt. I like to be organised but also like to take time to just chill out.

1. Take some time with a book (or just people watch) at one of the cafes on Circular Quay. Great view of the harbour, opera house and harbour bridge.

2. A day trip to the Blue Mountains National Park. It's gorgeous.

3. Pancakes on the Rocks - its a Pancake restaurant, usually pretty busy but we ate there no less than 3 or 4 times during our 2 weeks in Sydney. I think there is more than one branch in Sydney now.

4. You can't hug a koala at Taronga Zoo. Boooo! (it was my dream too). There is a giant stuffed koala you can hug. But you're not allowed to hug the real ones there, though you can get your picture next to them as they sleep in a tree.

The best place for hugging koalas is Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary just outside Brisbane or Australia Zoo (also not too far from Brisbane).

5. Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour. You can also get the ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay - you'll get good pics of Bridge & Opera House.

Anyway I hope that helps. My friends who live in Sydney are a huge fan of Campos, and could probably get you some good food place tips from them if you liked!!

alisha said...

Thanks for the recommendations! It's a shame about the koala hugging ban, but a stuffed one will have to do.

Also, Pancakes on the Rocks sounds fantastic. Can't wait!

La Dolce Vita said...

Have fun in Sydney! I loved that city. During my stay my accomodation was in Manly and I really enjoyed beach life (and even took surfing lessons!) ...Then everyday we took the ferry for Circular Quay and visited around. One of the highlights of my visit was to climb the Harbour Bridge at sunset. The view from the top of the brige is AMAZING! All the lights of the city skyline are still in my memory. To climb the bridge there was a company that planned the experience and had to book in advance. I found it there...but it was 10 years ago...

I went to Koala park just outside Sydney and hugged a Koala!!!! The only way to hug one is while feeding...otherwise they caould scratch you.
I found the is

Also I went to Blue Mountains and had an experience in the Jenolan caves. Check it out!

I think I am quite a Type A traveller! I tend to plan most of my trips and all by myself (I like to lead, but not to be leaded!). And I usually want to see ALL! At the end we are exhausted but the experience worths the pain! ;)

Have fun in Sydney! :))
Wish we were there too!!!!!! (I am freezing right now and forecasts are for SNOW!). :((

alisha said...

Hi Mario, thanks for your suggestions and scouting out koala hugging opportunities. I think Dan may want to go surfing but I may just enjoy lying down with a book! Ahh...

I can't wait and will post photos next week!

Jenny said...

have so much fun, i'm super envious...what an exciting time for you and deserve it!

oh and I don't know what type of traveler I am...I like to have things planned (but by someone else), i always try to find plenty of time for, beach, naps, etc. and i LOVE food..but not when it's super expensive and not that great...which is often the case in touristy places...

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