Monday, 1 March 2010

Send me a postcard please!


One of my favorite things about having a blog is when someone tells me they actually read it. Honestly, when you press that publish button and send it out, it's hard to know just where it's going.

Especially living halfway across the globe from old friends and new (and I'm always halfway across from somebody), connecting on the ol' interweb makes me feel like I'm a part of something just a bit bigger than my actual location.

So... what I'm asking you to do is send me a postcard.

Not an actual postcard (save the trees and all), just a postcard in the comments below.

All you have to do is answer the following:

1.    Where are you living now?
2.    Where is a place that holds a fond memory?
3.    Where are you dreaming of going next?

I'll go first...

1.    I'm currently living in the lovely Auckland, New Zealand
2.    Bali is the place that took my breath away, probably because it's where Dan first told me he loved me on my 24th birthday. Also, it's just stunning.
3.    I'm dreaming of going to Sydney, because I am going there next week. Also I can't wait to go back to Seattle in June. And to add a 3rd 'S', I'm thinking a lot about Shanghai recently.

So, go on and send me a postcard. No postage, so no excuse. I can't wait to see all the places we've got covered between us.

 (I got this idea from Rachel Held Evan's fab blog by the way. Check it out after you've sent the postcard.)


Holly said...

1. Still living at home until the wedding but we secured a place to rent in Battersea, near the park and the river, which is ours from the end of March! Its so gorgeous, we're so excited!

2. Harrow, where james and I went to university.

3. Wherever the journey of marriage takes me! Which will start with Croatia...

Miss you guys! The blog is great!

Mandy said...

1. Shepperton - house sitting for TF staff member. No real home at the moment.

2. Hawaii - flying over an active volcanoe on the nig island and seeing the lava hit the sea. Awesome.

3. San Fran and Utah with the Boyf! Maybe getting a permenant place to live in London.

Would like to attach photo but only just woke up and my brain is not in gear :)

Heather Rene said...

Living In London - Clapham to be exact!

Florence/Chianti hold a fond memory because it is the first place I lived abroad

Looking forward to Easter and going to the Continent for a European Holiday; full of properly crafted espresso and deliciously baked pastries and wonderfully flavored food and good wine.

Oh. And sun. lots of sun.

Missing: Home. and time to do more traveling.

I love reading your blog - just an FYI

Pat said...

1. Renton, WA (same house since 1978)

2. Bora Bora - breathtaking - swam with sharks there TWICE!

3. Greece

Evan said...

I'm Evan and no, you don't know me from, say, Adam. I discovered your blog via a google alert, and found it curious and interesting.

I've live in the Atlanta area -- southeastern US. It's pretty boring, but the weather's usually good and that's a big issue for me. New York is my fondest memory (and the only place I have a sustained desire to return to, though the van Gogh Museum in Otterlo was breathtaking). And I'm "dreaming," if that's the word (I'm more inclined to "nightmaring":
travel seriously interferes with my life), of New Orleans where I'm spending a week at the end of the month.

kelly said...

1. Boston, MA
2. Birmingham - since that's where we met you and Dan!
3. Some place warm, perhaps with a beach

Vanessa said...

1. London, England

2. La Jolla, CA because it's where Tim proposed. I wonder what what would have been the first thing to come to mind if I wasn't engaged?! Nothing seems to top La Jolla!

3. It depends on the day and who I am talking to. Currently, it's Thailand because my friend just got back and was telling me such amazing things about the country. A couple of weeks ago it was Australia because my friend is moving there. I might ask myself this next month!


Laura said...

1) 2 months left living with Laura in 'The Flat Of The 2 Lauras' followed by a move just across the river to become 'The Selmans of Hampton Wick' - am sooo excited :)

2) Quirbajou, France. The most perfect village that time forgot ever. And where Matt proposed...

3) Leaving deepest darket Wales aside (New Word Alive for work), it's Havana all the way to our Honeymoon (hopefully)!

Ann Strunk said...

Hi Alisha! I've tried to keep up with your blogs since leaving Japan, though it took me a short while after you abandoned "Adopted Brummie" to find you again. :) I'm loving your tales from New Zealand and have put it at the top of my list of places to visit. I think Michelle Seyller is also there now.

So my Postcard:

1. Abilene, Kansas USA-the town where I was born and raised. I love being near my family, but miss all the travel opportunities I don't have anymore.

2. There are really too many, but I'd have to say Thailand. Scuba diving is something I'm not sure I would have ever done if I hadn't traveled. Thailand was certainly my favorite place to dive.

3. Australia/New Zealand though I'm not sure when I'll actually get to travel abroad again.

Jenny said...

1. seattle, wa...we are so excited about YOU returning here in June!

2. don't know if i can pick one...i would love to revisit my semester in Florence at the age i am now (or maybe right before Wes)!

3. new york...onlu been there once and LOVED it...and an hopping to visit in May with other Pepperdine friends. (i'll understand if you can't make it)

mariam sarah said...

1) in a house in mill creek/south everett area (so, still near bothell/kenmore) with my husband (colin) of almost 3 yrs and my sweet baby boy, greysen, who is 15 mos. hoping to move to a seattle suburb once we can sell our house (may be a couple yrs)!

2) italy; wed in a small town (castellabate) and honeymooned all over the country for the month of july 2007. can't wait to go back when our kids are in h.s. or so (we want to take them with us)! ;)

3) next planned destination (chicago in may or june), and we'll likely vacation in hawaii and mexico when the kids are young, but next dream vacation spot?- greece or an african safari =D

yup, i started reading your blog when you linked it to fb; it's interesting and fun! email/fb me when you're back in seattle if you want to meet up- you can meet my little man! currently, i'm a stay-at-home mom so we have a pretty flexible schedule. take care and enjoy your time in nz and australia(lucky lady)!!

Nadine said...

1. In a small town along the road to Hana, Maui.

2. In Rome when on my honeymoon, sitting at the Coliseum. I was in complete awe and didn't want to leave.

3. I would love to go back to Europe and travel around, seeing new places as well as those I've seen before.

alisha said...

Thanks for all the postcards everyone! It's so great to know who's reading my blog and to see all the ground we've got covered. :)

La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Alisha! We have just returnred from London! It was great and we love that city so much! We will post something about it soon!!!

My postcard is:
1. I live in Trento (Italy)...glad to read that many of your readers had their best travel memories in Italy!! ;))

2. My favourite travel memories are in very favourite city in the world...I don't know what makes me feel so well when in London but I feel like is the place I belong to and where I need to be almost once a year!!! Maybe in another life I was a Londoner!!! ;))

3. I am really really looking forward going to Japan next summer!

alisha said...

Welcome back from London Mario and thanks for your postcard. I'm glad to see so many people have great Italian memories too - I sure do!

Prince said...

1. Living in Northern Virginia for the first time (just moved from DC and am finally over the withdrawal phase ;) I had a furniture party to celebrate my 30th and now have 4 chairs and 2 tables to my name!
2. I recently realized I have loved every place I've ever lived...which is such a blessing...but I have to admit that Seattle has some of my strongest and beautiful memories because of the people I knew and know there.
3. I guess Pat and I should plan a trip to Greece together because that's where I have wanted to go since I saw a postcard of it when I was young. Something about the blue water and white buildings that calls to me.

Thanks for inviting me to write this postcard, Alisha! What a fun exercise :)

alisha said...

A furniture party - now that's a great one! I think Dan and I may need to throw a big ol' furniture party when we move to the States. :)

Guy Barkwill said...

1. Auckland, New Zealand

2. Verona, Italy - spent a weekend there with Lisa and really enjoyed it. It felt a lot more genuine than some of the other bigger Italian cities I've been to.

3. Cuba - I want to go there before it changes too much and be able to experience the culture.

Lisa Kelsey said...

1. Auckland, New Zealand for almost a year now! I can't believe it!

2. London and Florence, the two places I studied abroad, which were some of the best times of my life. London is especially important to me because moving there changed my life, I met Guy there, and I just love it!

3. The vacation I most want to go on that I haven't done yet is white water rafting down the Grand Canyon . I've also been dreaming of Italy and France lately. I miss Europe!

Matt and Joey said...

Greeting from Seattle! (We miss you, and I have to say it, it is a post card after all: wish you were here). Our Edmonds condo overlooks the local high school soccer pitch and spring sports have the stadium lights on in the evenings now. Cherry blossoms, pink and juicy, cluster on branches everywhere.

Fondly, I'm thinking of all the places I've been that I'd love to return with as much freedom as I had in my early twenties: Florence, and London, and the Mexican beachside resort where we honeymooned. Having a new baby sure makes the grass look greener.

These days, I'm dreaming of the places we'll find ourselves in the coming months: Los Angeles in April for a spring wedding (and a day at Disney!), DC this summer to visit friends, and Vancouver, Canada in August for a family wedding. The rehearsal dinner is on a mountain resort overlooking the city. Can't wait.

alisha said...

Thanks for everyone's postcards - what a fun treat!

Sarah said...

1. I live in Westwood in the amazing city of Los Angeles.
2. Definitely Japan, but also of course Ireland, my real home (specifically the West of Ireland: Sligo, Mayo, Clare, Kerry)
3. Hawaii or Africa (I want to start in South Africa and end up in Egypt!)

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog as always! xxx

Brianne said...

Hello Alisha! Thanks for your comments on my blog about Will the other day- and Jenny mentioned that you would be moving back up to Seattle, I know she is very excited :0) Hopefully we'll get to see each other too, you were tons of fun at Jenny's wedding festivities!

1. Renton! Where all the cool people live...just dow the street from Jeff and Jenny's old place.

2. Mazatlan, Mx...I have great memories of mission trips and playing in the sunshine with my family. We're headed there this summer for my brother's wedding!

3. Florence, It and Fiji...maybe when Will is a little older!

bg26892 said...

1) washington, dc

2) japan of course - i can't believe how long ago that was!

3) somewhere in latin america...

Jocy May said...

1. I live in the West Village (NYC)- cute little part of the city.
2. Where is a place that holds a fond memory? I've been thinking about this a lot- man, it's hard to narrow it down, having moved around so much! I have to echo Jane that I have grown to love every place I have ever lived. I loved all of my childhood family roadtrips around Europe, but our time at Schloss Mittersill in Austria ranks highest. Our semester in Florence definitely holds wonderful memories. More recently though, the week Joey and I spent in Alaska was truly spectacular.
3. Where are you dreaming of going next? Well, I don't have any specific plans, but we are hoping to visit Thom in Tokyo soon and after being in cold and snow for a while now, I'd love to go somewhere warm! I hear New Zealand is the place to be :)

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