Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Batman Dental Practice

Today I was on the bus headed to the Westfield's mall in White City and overhead the funniest thing on a phone conversation. This girl right behind me was describing her recent root canal (they gave her some amazing sedatives that really knocked her out). After some more discussion about her dentistry she was like, 'I can't believe I go to a place called Batman Dentist.' I love it.

I told Dan about this and, since he works in White City, he knew exactly what I was talking about. 'Oh yeah, Batman Dentist on Batman Street.' I can't stop laughing.


Jenny said...

was the root canal on one of her canine teeth? now that would be even better ;)

alex said...

Tell them that I've made a game called 'Batman Dentist' and that they can freely show it to their kid patients.
If batman is not afraid of dentists, no kids should be neither.
here you can find that game: batman dentist

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