Monday, 17 August 2009

Afghan Star

I sometimes go through these phases of consuming great amounts of material on oppression in the Middle East. I have to pace myself though as it can be infuriating to take in too much at once. It had been awhile, but last week we opened the floodgates again. An amazing documentary called 'Afghan Star' was on TV, following four contestants in the Afghan talent competition that took the country by storm. If you can get a hold of it you definitely should. In some ways it's really encouraging to see all these cultural 'green shoots' appearing post-Taliban. It's also difficult to watch the outrage and death threats that befall one of the girls who starts dancing on stage.

Anyone got any other great documentaries to recommend?


kelly said...

Did you guys catch Breaking the Silence when it was in Brum? It's a fabulous documentary about the return of music to Afghanistan.

alisha said...

Didn't we see that together in Cannon Hill Park?

Nadine said...

I'll have to watch Afghan Star! Unfortunately I don't have any documentaries that I can recommend - haven't seen any in a while.

Jenny said...

love the new blog layout.

will check out afghan star.

have you seen war dance? it's a great documentary following some children of war in Uganda.

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