Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday buoy: beautiful things

There are lots of things swimming around in my mind, but instead of even attempting to create order from chaos I thought I'd just share some of the beautiful things that have inspired me this week. I hope these photos inspire you too!

Oh, wow. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these pictures in an article about designer Ashley Meaders. I thought, now here's a woman who gets my coral obsession! Photos by Our Labor of Love via design*sponge.


I just ordered this gift wrap from Smock Paper with the goal of using it to cover the inside of a Billy Bookcase. Their paper products make me drool and are eco-friendly!

Fiona Douglas' beautiful Paris apartment, photos from Fiona + David Cadzow via design*sponge

And finally, this is my great-grandmother's brooch and earring set. My grandma gave it to me for Christmas -- what a precious gift!


Jenny said...

that paper is perfect- so scandinavian!

so, this is what you do at fiore, eh?

alisha said...

Yes, it's very important work! Ha ha...

Ben, Alicia, Baby Boy & Francis the Cat said...

I have had my books organized ROYGBIV style for the past few years and I have loved it! I think it probably only works for people who are very visual (and therefore remember a book more by what color the cover/binding are rather than the me)

alisha said...

I love ROYGBIV shelving and am definitely someone with a visual memory too!

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