Monday, 26 November 2007

Giving Thanks

This is not what our dinner table looked like on Thursday by the way.

Here in the UK, Thanksgiving was business as usual. I did bring in some brownies to work to celebrate, but other than that no one seemed to notice. Thanksgiving is a pretty good holiday that Britain would be smart to adopt. It's the necessary buffer between autumn and 'Christmas season' that they currently don't have, allowing tinsel and decoration sales to seep all the way into October.

What I do wonder about Thanksgiving though is, if it's supposedly to celebrate the Pilgrims making it through the first winter, why do we celebrate it right at the onset of winter rather than when it's finished? Maybe it's to hearten us that, if America's forefathers armed with only buckles and muskets could make it through, then surely we'll be able to as well.

With this in mind, one thing I am especially thankful for this year is that I wasn't at the first Thanksgiving celebration. I would have been an awful Pilgrim: I hate boats, being cold, unnecessary violence, and don't really like pumpkin pie. This year, I am thankful that our flat, albeit tiny, is probably cozier than a 17th century log cabin.


Jenny said...

where are you "europeans" getting this t-day photo? My cousin Mario had the same one on HIS blog. Funny!

I do think you make some valid points alisha, I hate the cold too...and the killing.

alisha said...

Sweet google images. It is a pretty awesome picture though isn't it?

taiwangrrl said...

i'm gonna sound like a total nerd but thanksgiving was actually celebrated after the first autumn harvest. and im sure we all remember the loveable squanto who taught them how to throw dead fish in a hole to help fertilize the crops. i guess teaching has its perks!

amyrenee said...

Thanksgiving: The necessary buffer. I like it.

Unfortunately, even with our own T-day celebration here in the Dilbeck household, the Christmas tree has been since before the Turkey. Still has no ornaments on it, but dang it, it has been UP.

amyrenee said...

One more thing... I thought this blog was supposed to be updated once a week or something like that....

I expect a better showing than this, Miss. Formerly Griffith.

Jocy May said...

pressure is on Alisha- i check every day! :)

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