Sunday, 30 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

So much for my weekly blog. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Here's a rundown of ours...

Dan and I had a lovely Christmas in London this year since we weren't able to make it to either of our parents' houses. It was nice to stay in a posh part of the city and hang out with other tourists though. Being the traditionalists we are, Christmas eve consisted of walking to Piccadilly Circus and eating at TGIFridays (!!). Christmas day we woke up and went to the service at St.James of Piccadilly. We seem to always go to high Anglican churches on Christmas day whenever we are in England. I think it's nice to be really formal on Christmas. Afterwards we walked around the city and enjoyed our wet Christmas.

Christmas dinner was at a funky little hole in the wall called Little Bay that served up a mean 5 course meal. I even lifted my vegetarian status for the day and had turkey as I thought I would be sad to have mushroom risotto as the main course of a Christmas dinner. We weren't the only ones homeless on Christmas day and dined with Aussies, students, and Brits not bothered to cook a roast dinner. As the restaurant was in Fulham and public transport was taking a holiday, we walked four miles from our hotel to dinner in solidarity with the original holy family. In laziness however we got a cab back.

It's nice to be in London when there are hardly any cars of people on the road. It makes it feel more like it is our city.

Well, belated Merry Christmas everybody. I hope you all enjoyed time with your loved ones. This year was great in London but I hope to be in Seattle next year to celebrate!


bigjohng said...

Thanks for the update! We missed you Christmas!!

Jenny said...

BE in Seattle? As in living here? That would by MY Christmas wish!!!

CristieMaye said...

sounds like you had a fun, unique christmas! very nice. mine was filled with familiarities...tamales, cookies, family and jerry. it was great but i realized for the first time ever that it might be fun to have a quiet christmas consisting of just me and jerry. i think LA would be a great place to celebrate christmas. i'm not sure we'll ever experience this solitude on christmas but, for a moment, i felt very mature for even having the thought. :)


Jocy May said...

cristie you're so funny :)
alisha, i think your christmas sounded lovely and fun. this christmas was the first away from my family, but it was filled to the brim with joey's (they are a huge clan!). hope all is well with dan's program and your job. miss you! it would be great if you and dan were living in seattle :)

Joanna said...

Sounds like an idyllic Christmas. I wanted to stay in London long enough to see it then. Oh well. Perhaps another year. We were throwing up with the stomach flu in Minnesota on Christmas day. Awesome.

Let's go to New Zealand next year. Matt and I are looking into it!

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