Sunday, 31 August 2008

Summer Round-up

Sorry I suck at blogging in a timely fashion. But I won't let that paralyze me from writing today. Seeing as summer is winding down, I thought I'd give a wrap up of my summer.

Several weeks ago we celebrated Dan's birthday by going to dinner along the banks of the Thames, overlooking the Tower Bridge.

My birthday was the month before and Dan surprised me and took me to Brighton to explore Briton's exotic rocky beaches and enjoy some good vegetarian food.

In June we went home to Seattle to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. It was also great to see friends and indulge in food American style.

We couldn't visit Washington without a drive to Spokane to visit our friends Jessie and Andrew and their adorable son Jude. The 5 hour road trip was a good way to get back behind the wheel and while in Spokane we visited a massive hunting and fishing centre- here is me with a target practice turkey.

Other than that we've been enjoying the lazy days of the English 'summer', trying to squeeze in tennis and picnics wherever possible. And now that Amy is in town from California (in fact she's typing a paper 10 feet away from me) we've been lucky enough to enjoy her company. Here's to September and the inevitable shortening of days.


Jenny said...

yay, I'm glad you haven't given up blogging and I love this summer round-up post! Have you finished off the jelly belly jar yet?

Oh, and your hair has gotten so long since we last saw you...I forgot how quickly it grows...must me that wonderful trim I gave you to take off the unhealthy bits ;)

happy birthday to both you and dan! send our love to amy!

amyrenee said...

Yeah! A blog! And, I even weaseled my way into it. :)

Foosh said...

Good times at Cabelas with the Sanvicens!

Matt and Joey said...

Your hair grows unbelievably fast!

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