Sunday, 28 September 2008

London's Test Kitchen

As many of you may know, there is a baking competition at my work which begs to be taken seriously. Amy graciously lent me her skills last weekend as we turned my flat into a test kitchen to try out some winning recipes. Just as well that it was a test kitchen. On the first batch of cookies melt unhealthily into each other we realised we hadn't converted the recipe to British sizes. Though American sizes are bigger in every other way, in butter measurements, a British stick of butter is almost twice the size of an American one, leaving us with a double the butter batter. We did recover with swift thinking and extra flour, but it was a tense moment. And that's what test kitchens are for.

Prep work.

Arthouse Boston Chocolate Pie.

Amy and Boston Chocolate Pie.

Treating ourselves to a shandy at local pub.

The sun sets on a hard day's baking.


amyrenee said...

And, what a day it was...

Jenny said...

I still haven't gotten you any it too late?

I do think the honey buns I just posted on my blog were quite tasty...but a lot of work.

hmm..Rebekah- if you happen to read this...can you give Alisha your cinnamon roll recipe?

see alisha? I tried.

btw, you and amy are very cute!

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