Monday, 26 October 2009

Buy this book! And these CDs!

Pardon me for big upping my brother-in-law Justin who has a new book out, but I'm very proud of him and think it's a great accomplishment. Please consider visiting his website and possibly ordering a copy. (Even after seven years in Japan and England, I'm still not very subtle.)

I think the link between music and spirituality is self-evident, and I'm sure most people at one time or another have thought about it. But Justin is such a guy that not only thinks about it, but proceeds to contact over a thousand musicians of all sorts to get their opinion and edit a book about it. And the result is The Spiritual Significance of Music. Amazing. I mean, he's got excerpts from the likes of Stryper  to Sonicflood, Guns N' Roses to Ravi Shankar and Faith No More to Petra. (Is anyone else excited about Petra?!)

And on his website version he's even got an interview with Seattle-based singer-songwriter Josh Ottum, who I happen to know from some good old days hanging out with Jenny and her now husband Jeff and Adam (who make up The Republic) and a box of crazy musical instruments in Jeff's bachelor pad in Queen Anne. That's how underground I am folks.

I'm exhausted after all this shameless promotion. Please go to Justin's site and order your copy.  Then go buy Josh Ottum's new CD and the Republic's CD 'Kingdom of Noise'. You won't regret it.


Andrew said...

Jess and I met Josh when he came through and played in Eureka. Love his music!

Jenny said...

very cool. i will definitely have to pick up a copy...already own josh's and the republic's album...but thanks for the plugs ;)

where can i find josh's interview?

Nadine said...

That's awesome! I will definitely go to his site!

alisha said...

Oops, forgot to put the place to find Josh's interview. It's here: (You'll just need to scroll down a bit).

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