Thursday, 10 December 2009

Good-bye England

So much for doing a proper 10 day countdown.

We've been packing like mad men and haven't had a chance to think about the 9 more things I'll miss about this I'll save that for a sunny day in Auckland. I can assure you however that the weather will never make the 'things I miss about England list'.'s been a good run. I gave you four years but it's time to move on.

We're literally putting our lives into 2 suitcases each (plus bulging carry-ons and snowboard and guitar that Vanessa and Tim are graciously taking over to LA for us). We packed everything up last night and had 3 boxes we wanted to ship, then looked into prices and decided against it. It's like £100/ box even to send it by land! Our stuff isn't worth that much, so tonight the challenge is to go through one more time, with a ruthless and fine-toothed comb, and whittle our wares down to all we can carry.

It is hard to get rid of some things, but I think it's a good discipline not to be too attached to 'stuff'. Not that 'stuff' is bad - I can't wait to move in somewhere and accumulate some more - but I like to not hold on too tight. It's also fun to give it away (to good homes). We've had many people be generous to us, so it's satisfying to be generous back.

I don't know that I'll get a chance to do another blog post before we're in New

Good-bye England!


Anonymous said...

hey girl- can't believe how time has flown so fast for you guys I will always be grateful for those weekly dinners you and dan made for all of us you are a truly inspiring couple I already miss you but I know you will have so much fun in NZ I am so jealous!! Anyhow I pray for a wonderful blessed season ahead for you guys!! Much love and aloha! Ululani ps. Please come see me if you're ever in my neighborhood wherever it may be at the moment :D

Prince said...

good luck with the last bit of combing and packing...although, when you read this you'll probably be in new zealand having some great family time, touring where the lord of the rings was shot and rejoicing in how light you packed ;)

all my best to you and dan!

Nadine said...

Have a safe trip!! I look forward to hearing about New Zealand!!

BTW: I have a good friend that just moved to London so if you wanted to give away any of your stuff, I'm sure she would be thrilled!

alisha said...

Thanks for the aloha's and send-offs!

Nadine - just (somewhat painfully) got rid of every last thing so nothing left. Hope your friend enjoys London and sorry I couldn't welcome her. :)

Jenny said...

Wow, it's sad and exciting all at the same!

Can't wait for you to be back in the US, so I can call you ;)

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