Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Greencard approval and 11 day countdown

Hooray for Old Glory waving over the shores of Malibu! Dan went for his interview today and they approved it - phew. I had the arduous duty of holding his stuff (no mobiles allowed) and waiting in a cafe in Mayfair for him to finish. {This cafe, Allan's, is OUT OF CONTROL. I highly recommend spending a morning there.  Latte + honey and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast was a great way to kill time.}.

So...the countdown begins...Or at least now I start making a big deal of the countdown. I like making a big deal of things, so I think for the next eleven days I'll try and post one thing I'll miss about England. {I'll save things I won't miss about England for later!}

Thanks to everyone for your prayer and support.


Jenny said...

Congratulations Dan! I'm getting so excited for you you have an official date you'll be LIVING in the good ol' USA?

Nadine said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting!!

Prince said...

Yay Dan! For some reason I picture the movie Green Card when they each had to answer questions about the other person to prove they were really in love and living together...but I'm sure his interview was a little bit different, or was it? ;)

alisha said...

We really need to watch the movie GreenCard!

No date yet for when we'll actually move to the US, but at least by June as Dan has 6 months to activate it. Just in time for summer!

amyrenee said...

Whoo Hoo! Bring on the Brits!

And, Jane, that's exactly what I pictured, too. Greencard is an early 90's movie not to miss!

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