Thursday, 21 January 2010

Cafe Freddino & coffee photography

Many hours were spent at Cafe Freddino today. It's my new favourite cafe in St.Heliers. Run by a Taiwanese guy named Freddino (nickname?) whose self-portrait is featured on the sign, the cafe does a mean trade with a relaxed 'welcome to my courtyard' vibe. During the day it's a chilled Kiwi cafe, but in the night it morphs into a Japanese restaurant. I'm sold.

I'd love some of these Japanese restaurant curtains in my own house one day.

Fake tropical flowers with fairy lights on lattice gets me every time.

I admit have a thing with photographing my workspace... I think it makes the owners wonder if I'm reviewing their joint. And I guess I am...

So, I have tons of pictures of about to be drunk lattes floating around on iphoto. What about you? What's your quirky photo habit? Feet? Self-portraits? I know you're out there... :)


Jenny said...

Wesley, I have loads and loads of photos of Wesley!

alisha said...

And what a great baby to photograph!

Nadine said...

Awesome cafe! And a great place to write!

My quirky photo habit is taking pictures of food. Anytime we're in a restaurant, I take a picture of the meal before we dig in.

At the beginning, I used to be a little shy from the stares of the waiters and the other guests, but now I don't care and just snap away. Matt even knows to wait to eat until I get a good picture of his meal, lol.

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