Thursday, 13 May 2010

Friday Inspiration Round-up

It's Friday morning down here in NZ! I'm off to share a flat white with my friend Rachael, but first, a hit of inspiration. Here's what's been buoying me this week:


My friend Mel's boy scout belt with whistles either side! And Dan confirmed it's authenticity - he used to sport one too apparently. I can't pull off accent belts like Mel and Dan, but I LOVE this. {below}

Favorite new blogs

  • Mel's just launched The Making of Blanket Statements & it's as awesome as her whistle belt. She's documenting plans to make her vintage home accessories company a hit in a year, one stitch at a time. Today's day 1 so let's show her some love. :)
  • New Dress a Day is our heroine Marisa's endeavor to source one second-hand dress for $1 every day for a year. Her blog is where she shows off her transformations and sewing skills. Sew nice!
  • Just found this! Zen Peacekeeper merges two of my favorite topics, justice and writing, into one blog. As if that weren't enough, she's a yoga teacher AND a Kiwi - so much to love. Great blog and great guide to twitter
  • Alexis Grant is writing a travel memoir about traveling solo through Africa. Of course, I'm intrigued. Loved her post about favorite Baby-Sitters Club characters and who you'd be. I was most like Mary Anne in junior high but wanted to be like Claudia & Dawn. And you?

Inspirational blog posts

I'm thinking about doing an inspiration round-up every Friday, what do you think? Feel free to send me any hot tip-offs during the week!

What things or blogs have inspired you this week?


Alexis Grant said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Enjoying the blog.

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

Alisha!!! Thank you dear friend! I love the photo - am I allowed to say that, considering its of me. You are very clever with the camera babe. And as Alexis says, Thanks for the shout-out! Love the piha photo!

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

PS. I love the idea of your inspiration friday's! Do it do it.

Lisa Kelsey said...

I have to comment on the Babysitter's Club mention. I LOVED the Babysitter's Club!!! I was probably most like Mary Ann, but I loved Dawn, too, because she was from California. I can't believe I even remember that! Just hearing the names brought back surprising memories of the stories. Great post! Love the Piha pic, too. What a fun day!

alisha said...

Thanks for the love... I've already got a few inspiring nuggets for next Friday so think it's a goer!

On the Baby-Sitters Club tip, floods of memories. I'm tempted to re-read some of the series...

Abi B said...

Hey Alisha, love your Friday inspiration list - how do you find all these cool things?!
PS Nigella's cappuccino cupcakes are also awesome - check them out.

Nadine said...

Love the photo!!

Ahh, the Babysitters Club!! I always wanted to be Claudia but I think I was more of a Mary Ann.

Love that you are doing Inspiration Fridays!

alisha said...

Abi, Nigella's cappuccino cupcakes sound like a winner. Definitely going to check them out. :)

Matt and Joey said...

Absolutely love this post. And LOVING that blog about reinventing vintage dresses. I think I may hit up my local Value Village soon.

alisha said...

Joey, let's hit up value village together. Can't wait.

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