Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday Buoy: Inspiration Round-up

When we were going through some of Dan's childhood memories before leaving Auckland we came across the cutest thing. His grandma had scribed his 8-year-old goals and kept them for posterity and guess what was on his list? First, he wanted to marry a blonde. With the help of peroxide, check. Then, he wanted to return to New Zealand. He was living in Hong Kong at the time (my little traveller) and even then could feel the lure of Auckland.

Compare this to an essay I'd written at around the same age in number 2 pencil at size 72 font: "When I grow up I will travel. First, I will go to Japan. Then, I will go everywhere else." No one can accuse the Sanvicens of not knowing what they wanted. 

Today's inspiration round-up is dedicated to people who GO, or have gone, or just dream of packing the bags & moving across the world. It's a bit of closure to my 8 years of expat life and a nod to whatever it is in my blood that's always wanted to dive into a new culture. It's for people like me who like being gaijin, the Japanese word for foreigner, which literally means outsider. Living abroad is a great excuse to be an outsider.

And along this theme I present some scrumptious blog action! Take a look through the portals of these expat bloggers living the dream...

Found, now home Leigh photographs beautiful vintage shopping and craftiness and fun things in London.

Pond Parleys Just found this one recently. Really enjoy the latest entry on how to piss of Americans and Brits. I'd been thinking about what a great invention screen doors were just the other day, not sure why they never caught on in the UK!

Writer Abroad Chantal moved to Switzerland in 2006 and has some great posts about the expat life and specifically the expat writer life. I like this one about what she learned from living abroad -  I could write a book on the fact, I am.

Ian & Monica in HaitiA great view into the lives of some humanitarian workers in Haiti who also happen to be dear friends.

Expat Women I like browsing the blogs of expats in countries around the world for a sneak peek.

The Lady Who Lunches is an American who moved to England to be with her man. I love her take on it all and am excited that we're both moving Stateside around the same time so I can hear her thoughts on the re-pat life. 

An American Girl in Chelsea A new guide for Americans in London. I found it after I left unfortunately. 

And of course, for those in Auckland or who dream of visiting the City of Sails, don't forget to check out Mel & I's guide to Auckland on design*sponge! {Amazing illustration by by Julia Rothman for d*s!}

Some websites to get you raring to go...

Chris Guillebeau writes about writing, travelling and non-conformation. Love it!

Vagabonding is a fab site about the uncommon art of long-term travel. Perfect for nomads like myself.

Also, I've got Lunch in Paris on hold at the library. Anybody else read it? It's about an American who falls in love with a Frenchman and moves to Paris. A love story with recipes...wonderful.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, whether you're hitting the road or staying home and relaxing. Any other good resources/ muses for living abroad? 

{photos from flicker, cherry blossom by °°k°°& suitcase by Krista Palmu.}


Nadine said...

I love that you both wrote lists when you were the same age! You guys are adorable!

Lunch is Paris sounds like such a fun book!

Chantal said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Glad to discover your blog!

Anonymous said...

I loved Lunch in Paris. Can't wait to hear what you think!

These are great links...thanks for posting them!

alisha said...

I feel like I'm discovering all the best expat resouces AFTER I've moved back to America!

Rachael Randal said...

Just had a chance today to read Chris Guillebeau's manifesto on World Domination - how to live a remarkable ife in a conventional world. Pretty wow. Thanks again for the link!

alisha said...

Rachael, I hadn't read it but have now downloaded it. Thanks for the heads up.

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