Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday Buoy: Alpine living Seattle style

With only a few weeks until we move into our cozy little apartment my design mind is spinning with ideas for decoration! I'm a real theme girl so you better believe I've got a living room mood board going on in my mind. For some reason, in the midst of this Seattle heat wave (I'm dripping with sweat at 7am), I can't get the word alpine out of my head. Yes, my goal is to turn our living room into an alpine cabin, vintage Washingtonia style. And with the faux wood wall paneling already lining the place, I'm well on my way.

So for this week's round-up I thought I'd share all the mountainous eye candy I've been feasting on.  I hope you enjoy and catch my vision.

I know it's crazy but I can't stop thinking about white-framed vintage mountainscapes to cover our living room walls and have been scouring etsy and local charity shops. You've got to admit this paint-by-number rendition above is a handsome little ditty, haven't you? Let me know if you find anything that fits my description, it's quite niche.

Hope you have a good weekend. Have you got anything you're obsessing about at the moment?

{Photos from the etsy shops of jen storey, juanaB, atelierAfra, PrincessSamy, runofthesun& morganbaldet}


Joanna Roddy said...

Love seeing the inspiration board for your upcoming apartment. Gives great fodder for birthday gift ideas!

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

Ohhhh, LOVE wooden panelling!! I also love that paint by numbers pic - a very good piece to start with. Have fun!!

alisha said...

Mel, am I mistaken or do you also have wooden paneling? I was trying to figure this out the other day. :)

Nadine said...

Love the photos!! Can't wait to see pics of the new place!!

John Brown Rose said...

Yay!!! Keep us updated! I'd love to see it take shape!!!!!!!!!!!

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