Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday Buoy: A decade older, a decade wiser

Wednesday was the big day: I joined the tri-decade club. I had a lovely day and am thankful the Seattle weather kindly cooperated with me. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.

Sadly no nuggets of wisdom from me as my first full day as a 30-year-old greeted me with a whopping migraine. So, nothing deep this Friday, just a skim off the surface of my ever bubbling (though slightly numbed) mind... I'm keeping it simple.

Raw foods
  • Been thinking recently I need to up my fruit and veggie intake. It's hard when you're transient, but no excuses. Can't wait to permanently borrow my parents' juicer when we move into our little Alpine cottage! Anyone with great juicing recipes to share? I LOVE beets fyi.
  • My good friend Jessi's sister-in-law has a vegan-spirational blog I'm scouring to get me in the mood.

I'm moderately obsessed with organization systems. Not just any though - they have to be aesthetically pleasing.  Here's what I'm loving lately.
  • kikki.K is an adorable Aussie/ Swedish stationery shop that made me hyperventilate every time I entered its doors in Auckland. Here's their new guide to living the organized life.
  • Sorted! by Australian Professional Organizer Lissane Oliver really gets you psyched to get your stuff together. Man, what's with those Aussies? Love it.
  • Target doesn't let me down with their Greenroom Eco range (sweet little notebooks above). I couldn't find just the right day planner so I bought my own blank book and made my own. It's amazing what you can do with a ruler and 2 hours. 
Expat blogs
Check me out! I'm all over the place this week.


That's all from me. What's been keeping you afloat this week? Do share...

{Photos from: shutterbean, Greenroom Eco, slipcoveryourlife's, design*sponge, bookity}


Kristen said...

i love visiting your blog on fridays, alisha! great links!

looking forward to reading your articles elsewhere, too.

have a wonderful weekend!

amyrenee said...

I love organization!

Anne-Margaret said...


Sorry about your migraine, a bummer way to ring in your 30's. :(

I am addicted to organization "stuff", not so great with the actual organization though. :/

alisha said...

I think organizational supplies are generally more fun than actually staying organized too. :)

TheLadyWhoLunches said...

This is so great. Finally catching up on some blogs late on a Saturday night. Aren't I cool? Looking forward to posting on your blog! Thanks for the shout out.
And I agree with kristen - you do have good links.

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