Thursday, 14 October 2010

Alisha's food rules

To say that this week has been busy would be an understatement. How did it get to Thursday night and I still haven't posted anything?!

I'm reinstating the buoy because of late I've been unable to stop collecting great foodie resources & I've got to share them (don't want to be selfish). I'm not much of a typical foodie (no red wine or goats cheese for me, arigato), but I still can appreciate high-quality food when it goes in the mouth. Also lately I've been nibbling on some sweet culinary memoirs -- sometimes reading about food is as satisfying as actually consuming it. Who knew?

I'll share my links in a second, but I was wondering if people wanted to share their personal "food rules". Michael Pollan's only got about 64 (my favorite being #13, eat only foods that will eventually rot), but I think I can be more streamlined & stick to three. These aren't taped on my fridge or anything, but they are my main sub-conscious filters when I fire up the stove.

Alisha's food rules:

1. simple (food should add value, not stress)
2. unprocessed (could all the ingredients in this product be found in a well-stocked cupboard vs. science lab?)
3. local and organic where possible (enough said)

The amount of food rules I've constrained myself to in the past would vie with Mr.Pollan, but most of my own have been pretty stupid (ie daily Diet Dr. Pepper senior year of college) until the past few years, when I think I've got it down to the essentials and feel healthy and happy overall.

Without further ado, here are some amazing, as-close-to-edible-as-you'll-get links:



Food activism (the tastiest kind)

Taco trucks
  • el camion on 15th and Market (this one's for you Ballard)! Is it bad to eat fish burritos 3x/ week? Of course not.

What are your go-to food blogs? And what would you say are your unwritten food rules?

{Photo by cafemama}


Nadine said...

My food rules are basically these:

If you can make it yourself, do it. (this includes bread, ice cream, pasta sauce, gnocchi, etc). That way I know exactly what is in it, etc.

And try to buy local as much as possible. This is very important where I live as most things have been on a boat for at least two weeks.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, thank you for these links! I have been longing to find some good ones to browse...because right now my rule is:
if it's a recipe and it has a good photo...try it (I need as much practice as I can get) :)

Anonymous said...


I am avoiding purchasing a microwave which has helped a great deal.

At the moment the idea is to keep it simple and not create anything that involves searching for ingredients.

I am also avoiding processed food and have so far managed to avoid ready meals (apart from the odd Macaroni and Cheese).

In the UK I have recently be introduced to which is great for quick meals.

Casey said...

Great links! I've read 3 out of the four books listed....and loved them. Perhaps on to the 4th? :) I think I can thank Seattle for turning me into a foodie....before that, it was pretty much all casseroles (thank you Midwest).

Lewy said...

Love your 'food rules'. I am pretty much on the same wagon, with the additional guidepost of 'Eat humanely' - which for me means knowing I get my eggs and dairy (and meat, if I ate it) from ethically raised animals.

I'm doing October Unprocessed, by the way! Can't claim 100% success, but it sure does make me stop and think every time I reach for something in the pantry.

Thanks for all the great links!

Jess Fouche said...

Fun links!! I read Animal, Veg, Miracle last year and really enjoyed it. I've found it easier to eat seasonally/locally/organic as much as possible (my main food goals) since living in an agriculturally rich area. Last week we got to see the butternut squash harvested and loaded into boxes in the field behind our house... and driven about 1/2 a mile down the road to the farm stand where they are now being sold! The thick weeds in between the vines are evidence of the lack of pesticides used which is obviously a big deal since it's right over our fence! I have also started canning since we moved here, so far applesauce, jam, spaghetti sauce, and salsa. I hope to add more to that in years to come.

Happy Friday!!

alisha said...

Lindsey, "eat humanely" is a great rule too - I'm definitely a fan of that. I'm kind of doing October Unprocessed, but not officially. I do like his definition about what is processed - thanks for letting me know about the website. :)

Casey, I agree, Seattle is such a foodie town. I think I also couldn't afford to be a foodie in London b/c good food comes at a premium there!

Jess, I have tons of mason jars I use for vases and mugs, but haven't tried canning anything yet. Do you have any good websites for easy tutorials? It seems hard for some reason but probably isn't!

Anonymous said...

I like those food rules. I think mine would definitely include "simple." Another one is "buy what you can at the farmer's market," and "eat what's in season when you can." I like Pollan's rule about making your "junk food" yourself - we never buy processed cakes, cookies, etc. since they're so much more delicious when you make them at home.

I love ALL those food books - and the blogs look delicious!

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

Oh, those books sound amazing! I have a few rules, but my main rule that I am fierce on is only eating free-range meat and eggs. Also, I wont eat tinned fish because of what those companies are doing to the oceans. Lately I realised this also had to apply to the food I feed my cats - and any food I eat at restaurants, otherwise what was the point? It has made a big difference to how I eat. Also, friends made me paranoid about microwaves, and having to leave the food to sit for as long as it has been in there! ha.

alisha said...

Katie, I like the rule about making your own junk food. I'd also need to make a rule to not make said junk food in bulk!

Mel,I'm with you on the free-range eggs and meat and being anti-microwave! Not a big tinned fish fan in the first place but I like that you're also training your cat to eat ethically. :) Good point about trying to keep the same standards.

Emily on the Southern Prairie said...

I am a huge fan of the books Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for the truth about the good and Fast Food Nation for the truth about the bad.

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