Wednesday, 10 November 2010

10 on 10:: November - Gettin' Leafy

This autumn in Seattle has been out-of-control beautiful. The trees are in their prime and some sweet orange and red colors abound. I hope you enjoy the foliage and I'll be back with an update from NYC next week!

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Rachel said...

Love the leaves! :) Oh and washington state too! And I love your "linky" title...I am amazed there are so many people too!

Ann Strunk said...

Are those fingers in a jar? :) Am I the only one that sees fingers?

Great photos. The leaves have barely begun to fall in Kansas. The weather hasn't gotten cold enough yet.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Stunning. Yeah, I truly think the colors have been more gorgeous this year than any other year. Have fun in NY!

Jenny said...

just bought a package of sharpies from costco and thought of you (figured we'd get use out of them and realized you were in NYC)- shrinky dinks tonight!!

LOVE your washington state...did you make that? ;)

Kahler and Katy said...

found you from the 10 on 10 page.

love the leaves- made me miss home. i'm living abroad right now and we'll have no fall (of course, we don't get much in TX either, but i can dream!)

and i, too, see fingers in a jar. what's in the first pic?

Lisa said...

Oh how I wish we had those fall colors here in California!

Kim said...

Great set! What is that sandwich?!?! It looks familiar. I know I've eaten one like it and loved it, but cannot remember what it is. Yum!

alisha said...

They ARE fingers, but my fingers holding the jar, not in it. :)

Kim, the sandwich is from a Vietnamese restaurant. I think it's called bahn or something like that.

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