Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Civil Wars at the Triple Door

For a girl who sometimes wonders if she's indifferent to live music, I've sure been to a lot of gigs. Life just seems to really think that free concerts are what I need, so free concerts are what I get. Take, for example, spending my first two years in England working in events management, attending 10 summer music festivals, including the world-famous-in-the-UK Glastonbury, going on now to kick off the British summer. I saw every possible band and singer-songwriter and Korean lutist and drum and bass dj possible. Bringing my husband along to the festivals as lead volunteer worked well -- it was the perfect job for Dan. I would, however, be muddy and tired in the middle of a field listening to Arcade Fire or We Are Scientists thinking wouldn't it be nice if I were curled up, warm and indoors, with a thick book.

I exaggerate to prove a point, but the truth is that for me, the perfect concert is indoors, seated and drowning in bluegrass, folk-inspired harmonies. The perfect concert is The Civil Wars at the Triple Door.

Dan, in his love for live music, reviews gigs for various publications in Seattle. Sometimes I go along because I don't really hate concerts and because I do love hanging out with my husband. But though I will attend  a dubstep or broken beat night at Dan's suggestion, sometimes I can't help myself and suggest a band for Dan to review that will be perfect for me.

Last night was my night.

I won't even try to do a proper review since the main detail that sticks out to me is Joy Williams' amazing black dress with thin brown belt (and the fact that that lady can sing, of course). But do check out Dan's review for City Arts magazine for a run-down of the evening.

And then, go check out The Civil Wars beautiful Poison and Wine video and their amazing support act, live from Dublin, James Vincent McMorrow, who reminded me a bit of Damien Rice and not just because they're both Irish.

That we were home by 10.30pm was not the best part of the evening, but it certainly was ideal. Can you believe that I'm going to be 31 next month? Yes? I'm thinking this is going to be a great decade.


Joanna Roddy said...

Having been there, I love this. I also loved Dan's review. "that ambiguous, infinite, dizzing space inbetween." Pitch perfect. What a power duo, you two. :)

PS Love the new header.

Alisha said...

Thanks Joey! Forgot to mention it was great having you in my peripheral all evening as well. :)

Rebekah said...

oh man killer combination an amazing band and an amazing venue - sounds like the perfect night!

Jenny said...

still haven't been to the triple door but do think it would be my ideal...sitting and eating? who cares what the music is? ;) but it doesn't hurt if you like it if only U2 had played there!

Claire Carey said...

Love the Poison and Wine video. Wow.

alisha said...

Rebekah, watching them play reminded me of how much I love hearing your gorgeous voice. :)

Jenny, I've got us tickets for the Metalica concert at The Triple Door for next week. Can't wait!

Claire, I know, those videos. So haunting, in a good haunting way.

amyrenee said...

Home by 10:30? Atta girl!

And, I agree. Thirty is gonna be a great decade.

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