Friday, 10 June 2011

Ten on Ten Photo Project:: June 2011

I haven't participated in the 10 on 10 photo project for several months, but after the sun came out this afternoon I caught some inspiration.

Yummy lavender cupcake ala Cupcake Royale -- what a way to start a Friday!

And it's peony season! What could be better. I'm a bit of a let's-photograph-beautiful-flowers girl, so here we are, the peonies on my coffee table.

Found this card for my cousin's birthday, which is today. Sarah, if you're reading, happy birthday and, well, no surprises now on the card. {Card by Lark Press from Sip & Ship in Ballard}

Boot camp at the I-5 Colonnade Park, one of the most interesting places in Seattle in my book. The geniuses made a cement and gravel mountain bike park under the freeway overpass that includes a healthy staircase to serve as the base of my thirty minute work-out. Great use of space with a sweet view of Lake Union.

Bussin' it home, Seattle Metro style...

The fun walk home...

Never a cloudy day? In Seattle? Not completely accurate, but I'll take it.

Jenny and Jeff (mowing the lawn off to the side) caught in the act of being excellent homeowners. I love being their neighbors. :)

Juicy strawberries growing strong in the back garden, a delight to come home to.

To check out other 10 on 10 entries head to Rebekah's beautiful blog a bit of sunshine.

Here's to a lovely weekend. I'm about to cozy up with a book and hot tea and enjoy the evening. What are you up to?


{cuppakim} said...

that lavendar cupcake is LOVE-LY.

and the flowers.

love all your shots.

thanks for popping by my blog too! :)

Jenny said...

Caught me in the act! Glad you posted this month...loved your shots, Seattle sights are my favorite!

Rachel said...

Loved your set and reading your comments too! I have brought home peonies each week since they came into season. LOVE.

Amy said...

Love the cupcake shot! I got to be a tourist in Seattle this past week and had the lemon drop cupcake from Cupcake Royale - what a treat. Wish I'd known about the bootcamp class while I was there too!

Mckenzie said...

love that card! and the motion in the bus pic. what a fun day!

reeve said...

love your set!!

Katie said...

That cupcake looks delicious!! And I really like the motion in the bus shot.

Monique said...

Really lovely photos. The motion of the bus is my fave! Wouldn't mind one of those cupcakes about now - yum.

Thanks for looking at mine too.

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

My favorite is the green market!

But the funiest is the one about your neigbor...

Kisses and blessings.
from Brazil (but participating!!!)

alisha said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

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