Thursday, 11 August 2011

10 on 10 Photo Project:: August

A staff picnic at Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley meant that my day started out like this...

Fortunately, the first aid kit was unnecessary, but it was good to know the park's health and safety standards were up to scratch. Leslie Knope would be proud.

Not bad for a Wednesday morning, really.

Food was consumed.

Newborn babies were corralled around.

The view of Seattle coming from the south on 99 can sometimes be stunning. You'll have to just trust me on this. 


The first of the dahlias has bloomed. In a few weeks we'll have these bad boys coming out of our ears, and I cannot wait.

The first tomato of 2011. Woo hoo. A real week of firsts in the garden.

I have been on an absolute tahini rampage recently. This is the dressing I've been using from Mayumi's Kitchen (Mayumi was Madonna's personal chef for years) and it's been treating me well so far. If you have any good tahini tips or recipes, do share!

Ten on ten is a monthly photo project started by Rebekah at a bit of sunshine. If you want to play next time, just take ten photos on the 10th of the month and post them on your blog. Check out other people's days here


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I love Seattle :)

Jenny said...

i need to try that tahini concoction!

Kim said...

Seattle is so cool! I can't believe you're only now getting your first tomatoes. We're almost done here with the summer veggies. Just too darned hot.

Fun set!

erin said...

Beautiful! My dahlias crashed and burned. :(
THanks for sharing!

Alexis Bass Writes said...

Gorgeous photos!! You are so right about 99---sometimes that view is insane.

alisha said...

Kim, somehow Seattle escaped the heat wave this year, though I would be interested in finding out what it is like to have a hot summer. :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

What a fun little adventure! I love all of your photos. That lake is beautiful!

Mommy Girl said...

love your 10 on 10 and I so wish I still lived in Seattle!!! miss you

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