Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fallow blog

I've been pretty poor at tending my blog this summer.  Even after all the excitement over the new title, I just deflated. I used to be incredibly consistent, staying up late to post at least once per week. I knew that consistency is key and I knew that I needed to be building my platform if I ever want to get published. I knew that sometimes you have to work through a lack of inspiration and get 'er done.

But in this season, despite all these things about blogging that I know, it's felt right to let it go a bit.

At first I thought I was simply being unmotivated, but recently a word came to me for how I feel: fallow. 

Fallow means left unsown for a season in order to restore fertility.

My e-creativity needs that, no matter how many rules of blogging this fallowness breaks. I'm such a rebel.

I'm not sure how long this fallow thing will last, I just thought I'd put it out there so you'd know that I'm not being lazy, just seasonal. See you whenever the sowing season starts up next!


Heidi said...

I completely get this. I've been still there with my blog. I just post when I can. I like your word for it - fallow. I say go with it. :)

Rachael Randal said...

Get it. Love it!

Claire Carey said...

I felt this way about writing in general for several weeks in a row. I love the concept of allowing your mind and soul to rest, giving it time to restore itself before the next season of creativity arrives. I think when we give ourselves time to rest, there is often a surge of creativity that follows...if we (by that I mean, I) don't panic. :)

Addicted to Veggies said...

I thought I knew you! Hi Alisha! Thanks for the comment yesterday - I gave you a little shout out on today's post, hope you don't mind. xo

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