Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Flat White

London owes a lot to Antipodeans when it comes to good coffee.

When British people come to the US they rightfully lament the American inability to make a good cuppa tea, but I'm like, right back at you with the coffee. How many conversations have I had convincing the British public that iced coffee is a legitimate drink, whereas instant coffee is not? Too many. But the Aussies and Kiwi's...they get it right. They know what's going on. It's almost like being back in Seattle...

When I went to Australian owned Lantana's a few weeks ago the latte I had rekindled my first love with good espresso - so accustomed had I become to bland or acidic lattes from high street chains that I had forgotten just what a good latte can do to a girl. Bliss.

I think I mentioned my best coffeeshops in London guide before. I'm cruising through it ticking them off and mentally rating each as I go. Not surprisingly, the best ones are Antipodean owned. Here's my pick so far:

Fernandez & Wells
Monmouth Coffee Company
Nordic Bakery
Ca Phe VN
The Troubadour
Lola & Simon This place is just across the street from us and does amazing coffee
Taylor Street Baristas I get my fix at their stall in Source next to Richmond station

Where's your fave latte joint?


Jenny said...

i have to say, despite being ridiculously crowded (if you'd like to stay and drink) Zoka's makes a mean latte...and it helps that it's right next to jeff's work and I can drop off the little bub and order my coffee kid-free ;)

alisha said...

Ahh...I love Zoka's. Although the last time I was there I remember it felt more like a library/ workstation than coffeeshop bustling with life and conversation. Such a studious city...

La Dolce Vita said...

Thanks for the tips, Alisha!

Next time I'll be in London, I'll try one (or more) of those coffee shops you mentioned...

How about cupcakes? I loved Hummingbird Bakery (in particular I tried the shop in Portobello road) and also I liked buttercup cake shop at Westfield Shopping mall.

Jenny - in our hearts Trophy Cupcakes will always have a special place !!!! ;)))))

Nadine said...

I love the picture you posted - it's adorable!

I don't have a favorite coffee place as we drink a lot of tea at my house, but the only coffee we drink is the one we make ourselves. Ooh, can I count that one? My favorite coffee place is my house! :)

alisha said...

Ooh...cupcake places should get it's own post! I'll have to think that through. :)

Hummingbird Bakery is great - it's the closest thing we've got to a Magnolia Bakery in London. I'll have to try Buttercup next time I'm at Westfield's. Thanks for teh suggestion. :)

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