Sunday, 20 September 2009


So it's Sunday night and I'm wrapping up my week long 'staycation', mentally preparing to wake up at 6am tomorrow...eek.

On Thursday I was able to meet up with my friend Motomi and her four-month-old baby Miori. I have a weakness for Japanese babies, especially when they're dressed up as a bear or something with ears. I looked into finding a rent-a-baby scheme when I lived in Japan so I could just cuddle one for about three hours and then give it back to the mom to change it's diaper, but these types of programs sadly don't seem to exist.

So this is as close as I'll get... Also I was asking Motomi if she knew what a blog was, and it turns out it's not just American moms who blog. Japanese moms are well into the act as well.

Also, get this. Ultra-sound cupcakes for Steph's baby shower this weekend. At first I just thought it was a creative design, but it's actually Steph's baby in utero! I didn't have the nerve to eat one though.


La Dolce Vita said...

We also have a special attraction for Japan and we are really looking forward visiting it one day...we are thinking to plan a trip to Japan for our honeymoon (when the right time for the marriage will come!) ;)

However in London we found a lot of Japanese spots: The new store of food and all sort of gadgets near Piccadilly, a very nice pastry shop near the Burlington Arcade, not too far from Fortnum & Mason. And again, the Uniqlo invasion! We always have a look at Uniqlo when in London! And last but not least...our favourite Japanese restaurant in London, O Satsuma in Wardour St (Soho). Try it and you won't complain! ;)

Anymore suggestions for other London's japanese places that worth a visit?

OMG! Never seen cupcakes like those...very very original! But I can tell, I wouldn't probably have had a bite too!

Nadine said...

Those cupcake with the sonogram are definitely a first!

We're planning on going to Tokyo in February - our first time to Japan! I'll e-mail you in a few months for a suggestions. We're excited!

alisha said...

I'm glad you're both fans of Japan! I'll think of some of my favourite Japan places in London and post those soon. I've never tried O Satsuma but it sounds great. Maybe I'll do a Tokyo guide as well to my fave spots there...I do think it's one of the best cities in the world!

Holly said...

I wonder what Iron Cupcake theme they would have to come up with to accomodate a sonogram cupcake...

alisha said...

That would be a crazy night at Iron Cupcake!

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