Thursday, 24 September 2009

Some nice things for the weekend

Just thought I'd share some more things I got up to this week...

Bea's of Bloomsbury was on my Coffee list and I must say it looks great from the outside. Next step is to actually go in and order something.

Yes, this print is massively overdone, but I still like it. Plus, it's been book-i-fied, which makes me like it even more.

Scene from le Pain Quotidien on the South Bank where I met my friend Laura. Their bread baskets are amazing!

Looking forward to the weekend. Not sure what the plans are but I've noticed there's a Chiswick Book Festival going on which could be good. What's everybody else up to?


Nadine said...

That bread looks amazing!!

My plans for this weekend involve making a cake shaped like a horse for my neighbor's birthday (she's turning 12). Should be interesting!

alisha said...

That's awesome! Will it be just a standard horse head cake or the full body? :)

Holly said...

I've been to Bea's, though again never been in it. The cake that looks like a dress has been there since before February, they must be real proud of that one! Looks tasty though.


Laura B said...

The bread was amazing, it's true - and the company even better :)

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