Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My first blog giveaway... Free coffee!

Read on for your chance to win, but first, I have to put it out there that this is the most attractive, and certainly the cutest, All Black...

In case you're not familiar with the All Blacks, they are New Zealand's national rugby team, intimidating their international opponents pre-game with their performance of a Maori warrior dance, the Ke Mate haka. They're a pretty big deal down here in this land where rugby is the unofficial national sport - for a relaxed country these guys get fierce. But isn't my husband cute at 16 months in the All Blacks uniform his mum made him? (This is what happens when I live at my in-laws. The baby books come out in full force. Sorry Dan.)

Dan's out right now anyway, he's doing some extras work on the side and filming a music video for a tune that will become the official World Cup song of the All Whites. That's right, the All Whites, NZ's national football/ soccer team. The ying to the All Blacks' yang. And if you think that's awesome, you're in for a treat: NZ's black and white name games go on and on. 

Guesses on the national basketball team? The Tall Blacks. Yes, ladies and gentleman, that's right. For some reason I don't think that name would fly in the NBA. But still, this is just the beginning. When our friend Mike started listing off NZ's national sports teams last night I started to pick up on some themes. 

So…for my first blog giveaway, I'm going to do a quiz about New Zealand's national sports. 

Listed below are a smattering of the professional sports team names of New Zealand. Blended into the mix are two espresso based drinks also common to New Zealand. Your task, for the prize (!), is to identify which two are the names of coffee and not sports teams. 

On Monday I'll draw the winner from all correct applicants and send you a coffee, somehow. I'm industrious. It's not much, but I'm not sponsored by the Kiwi Awareness Council yet so it will have to do. 

Without further ado... New Zealand's National Sports Teams:

All Blacks
All Whites
Flat Whites
Tall Blacks
Tall Ferns
Silver Ferns
Black Sox
White Sox
Black Caps
Long Blacks 
Iron Blacks
Ice Blacks 

OK, I'm a bit shy about doing a competition and nobody entering - so please go for it! Plus, it's good to learn about New Zealand, my little paradise these last five months. 

Good luck!


rachael said...

oooo I know the answer!!! Feel like it would be a bit of an anticlimax though if I give it away now... can I have the prize anyway??

rachael said...

Why didn't you publish the name of the badminton team???

Holly said...

I reckon flat white and long black!

Emer said...

I am gonna go with,

- Flat White
- Ice Black

Dan as a blonde?!? - I love it!

koalainscotland said...

I'm going with

Flat Whites
Black Caps

Laura H said...

My entry is Flat whites and Ice Blacks.

I'm loving the idea that you might send me a coffe half way round the world. You are a marvel x

TheLadyWhoLunches said...

Flat White and Long Black!
Wow, great post and helps learn even more about New Zealand. I'm sure I'll need it when I visit. Who knew it was all so color oriented!

alisha said...

Keep those entries coming!

Dan DID start out as a blonde but ended up with dark brown hair, which is interesting, since I started out with dark brown hair and here I am a blonde. Naturally of course. :)

Ann Strunk said...

Here's my guess from Kansas.

Flat White & Long Black

Love that many of the ladies' teams are Ferns :)

Jenny said...

Flat whites and ice blacks...but I really think we should ALL be entered into the drawing ;)

La Dolce Vita said...

I go for:

Flat white and long black

:) yummy yummy coffee!

Nadine said...

Cute photo!! And I'm doing extras work this week as well, lol. Too funny!

Bob said...

Great blog, Alisha.
Our family spent a couple of weeks in NZ during our around-the-world trip this year. So we know the answer to your quiz. We loved Queenstown and environs--have you been down there yet?

Mark & Melissa said...

Ha cute! Poor Dan!!

right, flat white and long black. did you mention the teams -silver ferns? our national netball team deserves a mention!!


Mark & Melissa said...

apologies...I see you did mention the silver ferns. i flatted with their pr manager for a while so am a little protective! good competition - cant wait to win it!

Heather said...

Flat Whites and Long Blacks :)

rachael said...

Flat whites and long blacks :-)

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