Friday, 23 April 2010

Vintage shopping Kiwi style

My new friend Mel's been taking me around Auckland, vintage style. I'd already fallen for kitschy Kiwiana but I'm still falling. Yesterday one of the shop owners had a tattooed outline of New Zealand on her neck, creeping up from her collar - it was awesome! Kiwis and Canadians can somehow get away with patriotic tattoos in a way that Americans just cannot. Not that I'm planning an eagle in flight across the small of my back or anything.

Wow, I need a coffee and need one quick. That's the first order of this beautiful Saturday. Here's to a great weekend everyone!


Jess Fouche said...

FUN! I love vintage/thrift stores- don't shop at regular ones anymore b/c I love the thrill of the hunt for something unique and well loved with a life of it's own!

Hope the job offers start rolling in!:) I'm sure you have LOTS to offer...

Mark & Melissa said...

Great photos Alisha! There is just nothing like kiwiana vintage the way, hot ginga in the photo!

Nadine said...

Sounds like a great day shopping!!

A lot of people here have the Hawaiian islands tattooed on them (arms, backs, feet, etc). I've also seen some Alaska ones too.

So maybe not the whole US, but perhaps just the states? Then again, I can't see myself ever getting CA inked on me, lol.

alisha said... of the Evergreen state just behind the ear... now you're talking!

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