Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday Buoy: Putting Vintage Linens to Work

Recently I've been in a huge vintage linens phase. Jenny turned me on to them awhile ago and we've been on a streak of scoring inexpensive, cheerful finds ever since. I love them not only because I'm drawn to the colorful patterns of the 1960s and 1970s, but also because I'm all about buying things that are old and giving them new life instead of running to Target to stock up on cheap, bland products (though as a flexitarian I'll admit that's sometimes helpful too). But the more I can do to counteract a disposable culture the better in my book.

Today's inspiration round-up is all about vintage linens and some ways to put them to work. They're incredibly versatile and once you have them in the back of your mind and closet you start to think of tons of uses for them (or at least I do!). I mean, they can become helpful curtains, cushion covers, place mats, napkins, tea towels, aprons, skirts...the sky's the limit.

I hope you enjoy and this gets your creative juices flowing.

Hot Butter!
Around my house...

Pillow cases from grandma (& mirror from great-grandma!)

WA state tea towel from scottysellysfleece etsy shop
Vintage tablecloth from Jenny via Ballard Farmers Market
And some practical ideas...

Use as a beach blanket
the stir
Embellish bedding (tutorial on design*sponge)


Shower curtain (tutorial on making chicken salad)
making chicken salad
Pretty file folders (tutorial again by making chicken salad blogstress Katharine Jalaty, via design*sponge)

And more fun...
d*s best of bedrooms
Can you think of any other great uses for vintage linens? Feel free to link to great projects and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Jenny said...

you know i've been lovin' the vintage linens as of late...really great inspiration here.

don't forget about bunting too!

Kristen said...

love the shower curtain. thanks for sharing the great links, alisha!

alisha said...

Jenny, didn't want to steal your thunder with the bunting. :) You've got all sorts of crazy vintage sheets projects to share!

Nadine said...

LOVE the use of vintage linens!

I use tea towels all the time, mainly for bread making (covering the dough while it rises).

I love all of your ideas!

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