Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday Buoy: Nesting instincts

It's been about a week since we moved into our cozy little Alpine haven. Well, the alpine bit is a work in progress, but we're getting there. The other day when little 20-month-Wes stopped by (with mom Jenny, of course) he looked up at the wood paneling, pointed and said, "Alpine." Before I was too impressed Jenny translated the word to airplane, and low and behold, we have a plaque of an airplane on our wooden wall. So close.

For this buoy I wanted to give you a tiny peep hole into our place...

For some reason I love the color combo of this orange and light coral. And their scent is called 'melontini'. Excellent! We didn't have candle holders so I whipped out my paper collection and let squares of vintage National Geographic and a print I got in Paris in 2000 do the work of keeping wax off our coffeetable. 

Paint-by-number mountainscape courtesy of Joey. Vintage sugar bowl from Value Village and that wood paneling I've been going on about. It drives me crazy in a good way.

The room that clinched it! How can you not adore 1970's autumnal wallpaper scenes? I've always secretly wanted this. And the clawfoot tub! Nevermind that we have no freestanding shower.

Our fairy lit ficus and futon. The futon cover is pretty alpine-esque, right? I think so.

We cleansed our library before we left London (not by choice, but necessity!) and are starting once again with a nascent collection, including library books. Dan got this vintage ceramic piece for me from a charity shop in Auckland. I haven't figured out it's purpose, but for now all it's got to do is look good.
The cozy corner, with jade plant courtesy of Jenny, a glass sugar bowl from Value Village and a lamp courtesy of Sara. Most of our homewares are from Sara actually. It was incredibly fortunate of us to move to Seattle at the same time my good friend was getting married and moving into a her husband's fully furnished house. Good move and we are so, so thankful.

So that's the little peek. I didn't capture this photographically but we live on the side of a house with a sweet couple as landlords. They are major gardeners as well, so we open our door and voile, a jungle of tomato plants. A few days ago I was delivered a small vase of sweet peas in the morning. Now this is the way to garden -- all the benefits, none of the work.

Overall, we love being in Seattle. Specifically, we love living in Ballard. It's the place my parents first lived when they got married and now it's our first Seattle home. It's very walkable and has tons of great coffeeshops for me to invade and set up my workstation at. Home sweet home.

I hope you have a good Friday and a lovely weekend! Are you up to anything fun?


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Lovely!! That bathroom would clinch it for me too. Amazing wallpaper... it was there before you moved in? Ballard is the best, isn't it. I was just at Ocho the other night. Been there yet? :) xo

Nadine said...

Love the photos! Your place is adorable! And I love the wallpaper in the bathroom!! Shame there is no shower but at least you can relax in the bathtub!

alisha said...

Shannon, I have been to Ocho and it was lovely! Yum... I was in your hood the other day too - jogged across the lochs to Magnolia and back. Would love to meet-up sometime. :)

Nadine, I am actually enjoying the excuse to bathe. It's so relaxing, especially in an autumn forest.

Anonymous said...

Looking fab Alisha! You have certainly made it "yours" with all your fun decorating touches. Amy Capocchi

Dee said...

Very cute--love it! My mum has that exact ceramic set--a wedding gift in the mid-seventies. I'll bet it's for putting tea bags in! Very vintage NZ! xx

Jess Fouche said...

Looking so cozy and alpine-esque Lish! I can't wait to come over, and I just might have to roll in the mud first so I too can bathe in an Autumn forest.:) For real though, that's cool wall papering.
Wish I was closer so we could stroll the isles of Goodwill together!

alisha said...

Dee, love that your mum has the same set! The St.Heliers Dove Shop was selling the whole she-bang but we just sprang for this little guy. :)

Jess, please come over anytime!!

Rachael Randal said...

Love it!

John Brown Rose said...

Ohhhh I love it ALisha!!!!! That bathroom would have done it for me too!!!!

Mark said...

It's been a while since I last visited your blog, but great to 'catch up' and see a peek of your new place! Looks FABULOUS!!! SO pleased you're having fun! Loads of love from the Wilsons x ps. We're still remembering those choc chip cookies!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little place! So glad you're loving it. We're doing the nesting thing too, here in Boston...I do love arranging everything just so. :) And you have Madeleine L'Engle AND Kathleen Norris on your bookshelf...clearly we were meant to be friends.

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